MSNShell 5.8

MSNShell is an free add-on for Windows Live Messenger
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MSNShell is a free add-on for Windows Live Messenger. This program adds many services and extra functions to Windows Live Messenger, like theme packages, weather information and other services. The Weather feature menu is written in Chinese, so it´s useless for non-chinese users. MSNShell will add a new group to your Windows Live Messenger menu. Using it you will be able to configure the services added by this add-on. Under the Main Window item you will be able to set up, enable and disable the Weather information, the News Feed Option and the MSNShell Toolbar Option. In the IMWindow you can set Quick Replies, download MSInk (for handwriting), and set up the Capture function. Under the MSN Enhancement option you will be able to allow multi account login, an hide the AD banner in your contact´s window. The DP, PSM, Emotions option will let you configure slides of pictures, add a message after your nickname, select your own picture for background and manage your emoticons. You will also be able to hide WLM Messenger, encrypt chats, manage the Messages History and many more features.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a funny free add-on for Windows Live Messenger


  • Some features are only in Chinese
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